Viridian® Showcases Weapon-Mounted Camera at National Sheriffs’ Association Expo

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Viridian_FACTDuty_OffViridian® Showcases Weapon-Mounted Camera at National Sheriffs’ Association Expo

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – June 22, 2021 – Viridian Weapon Technologies is showcasing the FACT Duty® Weapon-Mounted Camera (WMC®) at the annual National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) Conference and Exposition in Phoenix, Arizona from June 22-24, 2021. The conference will give law enforcement personnel an opportunity to see the capabilities of Viridian’s Weapon-Mounted Camera (WMC). Attendees are encouraged to visit Viridian at booth #922 on the main aisle to learn more.

“This is our fourth year at the NSA conference and we’re proud to have the opportunity to showcase the growing track-record of our Weapon-Mounted Camera,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “The WMC automatically captures footage from the end of an officer’s firearm from the moment it comes out of the holster, and this additional footage has proven to be an essential evidentiary tool for understanding use of force events.”

The Viridian WMC

The highly advanced FACT Duty WMC employs a 1080p full-HD digital camera with a microphone and 500 lumen tactical light. This distinctive weapon-mounted camera provides a clear view of critical use-of-force events from the end of the firearm, addressing limitations officers can face with body cameras. Viridian’s proprietary INSTANT-ON® technology automatically activates the camera and microphone whenever the officer draws the firearm from its holster. Not only does this eliminate risk of failure to manually turn on the camera during a critical event, but it also keeps the officer from fumbling with cumbersome equipment. Body and dash cameras were not designed to capture officer-involved shootings. However, Viridian WMCs were designed specifically for this purpose.

National Sheriffs’ Association

The NSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving law enforcement and criminal justice professionals and raising the level of professionalism among those in the field. Through the years, the NSA has provided programs for sheriffs, deputies, chiefs of police and others to perform their jobs in the best possible manner and to better serve the people of their cities, counties or jurisdictions. Each year, industry professionals gather for the annual NSA Conference and Exposition which provides second-to-none exhibits and training in all aspects of the duties and responsibilities for a sheriff’s office or department.

More information on Viridian WMCs and other Viridian sighting solutions can be found online.

About Viridian Weapon Technologies

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Viridian Weapon Technologies is devoted to applying cutting-edge technology to design compact, powerful self-defense products for the civilian, military and law enforcement markets. Viridian is the leader in weapon-mounted technology and responsible for a number of firearm innovations including green and red laser sights, LED weapon-mounted illuminators and several shooting accessories including the TacLoc® Holsters. Viridian products are designed and built in the USA. More information is available at

Viridian Weapon Technologies, 5475 Pioneer Creek Drive, Maple Plain, MN 55359, US

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