HOLOSUN expands Green LED Pistol Optic lineup

City of Industry, Ca. (June 30, 2021) – HOLOSUN adds three new pistol optics with Super Green LED technology. At 540nm, HOLOSUN’s Super Green LEDs are closest to the wavelength the human is most sensitive to. Over the next few weeks HOLOSUN will roll out three new Super Green LED models: HE507K-GR X2, HE509T-GR, and HE407K-GR X2.

Green LED optics are becoming more and more popular within competitive, self-defense, and law enforcement circles due to the intense, high-contrast green reticle and increased battery life. The Super Green LED has three times the battery life compared to red at the highest intensity settings providing even more confidence that your HOLOSUN optic will be ready when you need it.

Designed for concealed carry or backup firearms, the HE507K-GR X2 features HOLOSUN’s Multi-reticle System (MRS) with fast acquisition 32MOA/2MOA Circle-Dot reticle. For those who prefer a simpler sight picture, the HE407K-GR X2 features a 6MOA dot only.

HE509T-GR is HOLOSUN’s answer to the pistol optic durability question. With independent testing seeing 20,000 rounds of accelerated use including dozens of shoulder height drops, the enclosed design and grade-5 titanium housing of the HE509T take durability to another level.

With innovations including side-mounted battery tray, Lock Mode, up to 50,000-hour battery life, Shake Awake, and Solar Failsafe (HE509T), HOLOSUN optical sights adapt to any environment for defensive, professional, and sporting users alike.

For more information, please visit: WWW.HOLOSUN.COM

Holosun Technologies, Inc., located in City of Industry, California, is committed to

creating innovative optic and laser/IR technologies that benefit a broad range of

shooting, hunting, law enforcement and professional needs. Using the quality

manufacturing standards demanded by some of the best-known optics brands in the

world, with a wide range of affordable options, Holosun is at the forefront of

development of new sight technologies. Key innovations include Shake Awake

TechnologyTM, 50,000-hour battery life, Solar FailSafeTM, Multiple Reticle SystemTM

(MRS), Super Green LED, and IR/Laser units that utilize the most recent advancements

in laser and LED technology. At Holosun, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge

equipment at a competitive price that astounds the competition and the end-user.

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