SLx MD-25 ACSS accepts Industry Choice Award

Primary Arms Optics


HOUSTON, TEXAS – At the 2021 Industry Choice Awards, Primary Arms Optics won this year’s ‘Red Dot Optic of the Year’ Award with their new SLx® MD-25 ACSS® Red Dot Sight.
The annual Industry Choice Awards bring together dozens of independent evaluators from all corners of the firearms industry, including competition shooters, Law Enforcement, Military, Gunsmiths, range owners, manufacturers, and other firearms product enthusiasts. Together, they provide unbiased evaluation for a wide variety of categories, and in this year’s optics evaluation, Primary Arms Optics took the award for ‘Red Dot Optic of the Year’ with their SLx MD-25 ACSS.
The MD-25 is part of Primary Arms Optics’ SLx line, which built their reputation for innovation, reliability and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve the user in any environment. Functionally, the SLx MD-25 Microdot sight blends the low-profile design of a microdot with and larger 25mm objective window. With a wider aperture, users can see more of their target’s surroundings, eliminating the housing obstruction of similar red dots. Combined with an ultra-bright emitter, the MD-25 makes it easy to get on target, even in bright sunlight.
This year, Primary Arms Optics released a new version of the MD-25 that features the ACSS CQB reticle. The ACSS CQB reticle features a large outer horseshoe, an infinitely-precise center chevron, and 3 holdover dots that act as ballistic holdovers for popular calibers like 5.56×45, 5.45×39, 6.8 SPC, .308 Winchester, and many more. In close quarters, the outer horseshoe provides quick target acquisition for rapid engagement, while the infinitely precise chevron gives a clear point of aim at zero. The ACSS CQB reticle is a perfect pair with the naturally agile SLx MD-25, earning it the top spot in this year’s Industry Choice Awards.

“We are proud that our MD-25 Red Dot with ACSS CQB reticle received this prestigious award,” says Marshall Lerner, CEO of Primary Arms. “The recognition it has received validates the time invested in engineering design, testing, and focus given to every detail. From the robust mounting system to the advanced ACSS reticle, our goal was performance and value, a combination that has become synonymous with all our SLx optics.”

Primary Arms Optics
Founded in 2008, Primary Arms Optics® is a leading innovator in tactical optics, offering a comprehensive selection of rifle scopes, prism scopes, red dot sights, optic mounts, and accessories. Their Advanced Combined Sighting System (ACSS®) is a high-performance reticle solution to the challenges of modern marksmanship, distilling complex mathematics into intuitive holdovers that enhance your speed and precision. Each ACSS reticle is specially designed to outperform in real-world applications, incorporating a mix of tools to deliver instant firing solutions. These tools may include ballistic drop compensation, auto-ranging stadia, wind holds, moving target leads, or an infinitely-precise center chevron. Primary Arms Optics produces several tiers of products to meet the needs of any budget. The premier PLx® optics line prioritizes clarity and craftsmanship with first-class materials. The mid-tier GLx optics incorporate premium technologies with approachable pricing, while the popular SLx® optics offer both proven reliability and value. Every Primary Arms Optics product is hand-inspected at their Houston-based headquarters, and all their products come with a Primary Arms lifetime warranty.

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Primary Arms Optics
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