DuraMag Now Available Through MSR Distribution


DuraMag Bronze

One lesson learned by consumers during the ammunition crunch is that ammo is too precious to risk in bad magazines. Rounds spilt or mangled by a misfeed are simply unacceptable. A result of this lesson has been an increase in demand for DuraMag. To help meet this demand, DuraMag is expanding distribution with the inclusion of MSR Distribution.

MSR Distribution Logo MSR Distribution is a specialist wholesale distributor that sells hard-to-find and highly sought-after products to licensed retailers and specific qualified entities. Every year, countless dealers trust MSR Distribution to help them grow their businesses by providing great products with reliable margins.

“To us, this is about more than just business. It’s about forging sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Our culture is rooted in mutual respect, honesty, integrity, determination, and diversity, ” said Sevag Sagherian, Marketing Director of MSR Distribution. “DuraMag’s quality and value aligns with what we strive to provide our customers”.

MSR Distribution’s current listings for DuraMag can be found here

DuraMag’s dominance as the preferred magazine of serious shooters continues to grow as more shooters learn that some things are simply better in metal.

About DuraMag:

At DURAMAG we design magazines to meet the specific demands of each discipline – combat, law enforcement and sport. We develop solutions to the challenges of our customers in each and every category. To meet the needs of today’s combat conditions we’ve developed a new stainless steel magazine. It outperforms the industry-standard mil-spec aluminum magazine in every test. 

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