Your Mother Does What In Hell !?


It’s Friday and what a week it has been, so if you are feeling like Linda Blair I understand. The general population is having to deal with vaccination fights, critical race theory and the U.N. being asked to investigate racism in America. So, I think we’re in need of a good shoot the shit, the other alternative is a trip to the therapist which will cost you at least $150 per hour and you’ll be paying it to a jackass that majored in psychology so they could understand themselves. Example of psychology at work:

People who’ve suffered a family or spousal loss sometimes blame themselves for their loss, could they have done something to save them. A therapist would handle that by saying John or Mary nothing you did brought about their demise. I know you miss them but it’s not your fault. Now, the same jackass will advance critical race theory, which is designed to make your Caucasian child feel guilty about his or her race.

Take a look at Britney Spears, they had her on lithium carbonate, I don’t known how long she’s been on it, but lithium is used to treat manic disorders. I’ll give you just a couple of its side effects: pseudotumor cerebri (increased pressure in the brain), and all kinds of Encephalopathic syndromes especially when taken with other neuroleptics. Amazing!

First time readers, may not be familiar with the concept of a shoot the shit. Very simply, it is a social interaction during which any subject or subjects can be discussed, participants don’t need to know anything about the subject, they are free to make unsupported comments, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject altogether. They give you a break from social media, save you $150 and have a higher degree of efficacy.

In this shoot the shit I’d like to talk about the vaccination phobia and why it’s a decision that needs to be made in consultation with your physician. So lets get started.

Medical since has evolved over the years to a point where disease from pathogens like bacteria, plasmodium parasites and viruses have, for all intents and purposes, been eradicated. Most of our life ending or serious medical conditions have genetic origin. Simply stated, your DNA has the code for that particular malady, cancer being one of the most common; the gene may never express itself, or it may be triggered by an environmental influence. Which is the reason we avoid certain things and don’t do others. Biochemically random events will cause free radicals which act on DNA to trigger gene expression.

The argument being advanced by the “don’t get vaccinated crowd” is based around potential side-effects, this is a valid concern especially if you are the one impacted, but you’re not being presented by the second half of the equation.

The first thing you need to know is that approximately 350,000 people a year go to emergency room services to be treated for medication side-effects and interactions. Why is that? Human beings are complex biological machines and what works for one person may not work for another. Over the counter medications can and have caused serious side effects in some individuals. The medical community is fully cognizant of side-effects and measure incidents to asses their statistical significance.

So, when the media reports that two thousand patients have reported adverse side-effects from the COVID-19 vaccine, the medical community weighs those incidents against the total positive outcomes to determine if it is a concern. The question they try to answer Is if the side-effects are statistically significant relative to the population size and downside risk of not being vaccinated.

The risks of not getting vaccinated are also complex, but it potentially increases the risk of viral mutations resistant to treatment or current vaccinations, it may also increase the risk of long term medical problems from things like viral protein fragments that could bring about undesirable gene expression resulting in long-term health issues like cancer.

I want to close by suggesting that you sit down with your family doctor; have a heart-to-heart talk and be sure to share your fears and concerns,but in the final analysis you are far better off being vaccinated than not.

Have a great weekend, be safe and schedule your own shoot the shit with your buds or family.

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