Made in America, Bond Arms’ Ultra-Compact Pistols Pack a Powerful One-Two Punch

Granbury, TX (August 3, 2021) – It’s a dangerous world. For everyday protection, Americans want a compact, concealable handgun chambered in powerful threat-stopping cartridges. So for its discerning customers, Bond Arms builds the smallest, most powerful pistols in the industry – feature-filled modern derringers designed for defending patriots and their Second Amendment rights. The best part is that all Bond Arms handmakes all its guns in Texas, and each comes with a limited warranty!  

Bond Arms pioneered the modern double barrel handgun adding safety features like a trigger guard, retracting firing pins and cross-bolt safety. Bond’s patented rebounding and locking hammer add an extra level of safety missing in early derringer-style guns. When the gun fires and the hammer hits the firing pin, it automatically jumps back into a half-cocked position and locks. The only way to fire the gun is by fully cocking the hammer and then squeezing the trigger. All Bond handguns feature one-handed operation, the key to a fast, reliable personal protection handgun.

Competition shooters love Bond Arms handguns, too. Bond Arms derringers are no stranger to the winners’ circle of the coveted SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) World Championships! With accolades from both competition and conceal carry users, Bond Arms handguns have earned the reputation as an effective sidearm.

Interchangeable barrels are another feature that sets Bond Arms apart, and swapping barrels is quick and easy! Derringer owners can change barrels to one of over 37 combinations in a matter of seconds, including barrels from 2.5- to 6-inches long, polished or matte finishes, and many popular handgun chamberings. All barrels fit all models of Bond Arms’ derringers. 100% barrel compatibility provides customized options for better concealability, a different look or different cartridge configurations. Bond Arms’ barrels perform with the style and reliability you expect from the Texas gunmaker who pioneered the modern double barrel handgun.

There is a misconception that small handguns lack stopping power. While this may be true for some small cartridges, Bond Arms chambers its guns in powerful, proven defensive rounds like 9mm, 45ACP, 40S&W, 45LC/.410, 357Mag, 10mm and more! All of these are more than capable of neutralizing any threat. These pint-sized pistols pack a potent punch.  

Bond Arms Inc. is a shining example of American entrepreneurship, perseverance and family values. They’re also one of a few manufacturers that still build their products exclusively in the USA using American-made parts, including grips and holsters, for all handgun models.

Bond Arms Handgun Features: 

  • · Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
  • · Compatible barrels between all Bond Arms derringer models
  • · Dozens of barrel and cartridge combination options
  • · Patented rebounding hammer
  • · Retracting firing pins
  • · Cross-bolt safety
  • · Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever
  • · Made in the USA.

BOND ARMS, INC. is located in Granbury, Texas and manufactures the award-winning Bond Arms Derringer – the finest in double barrel protection. Originally organized under the name Texas Armory, the company became incorporated as Bond Arms in 1995 with the idea that the Remington Model 95 over-under, single-action derringer could be converted from an Old West anachronism into a modern & reliable handgun. The barrel and frame were redesigned to safely fire modern calibers & the entire handgun is constructed entirely from stainless steel. This makes for a pistol that’s both strong and durable.

For more information, please visit WWW.BONDARMS.COM

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