Top Cybersecurity Official to Speak at CyberSatGov

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Top Cybersecurity Official to Speak at CyberSatGov

Thomas McDermott, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Office of Cyber, Infrastructure, Risk and Resilience Policy at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, will provide updates from DHS on the current cyber environment and what the future holds.
In this role he advises senior department officials and oversees the development of policy positions related to the full range of cyber, technology, infrastructure, risk and resilience issues.

About McDermott
He has advised senior DHS and White House officials in connection with numerous departmental and administration priorities, including the Cyberspace Solarium Commission; the 2018 National Cyber Strategy; and the development and implementation of executive orders by successive Administrations to strengthen supply chain security, improve federal acquisition, increase information sharing, and enhance the security and resilience of critical infrastructure against physical and cyber threats.
McDermott has served in a variety of roles at DHS, including an assignment as Deputy Director for Strategy at the National Cybersecurity and Communication Integrations Center (NCCIC). His tenure includes acting as Deputy Associate General Counsel and as the Assistant General Counsel for Infrastructure Programs, where he oversaw the provision of legal advice in connection with the Department’s programmatic efforts to protect U.S. critical infrastructure, including in the areas of cybersecurity and voluntary efforts to enhance the security and resilience of critical infrastructure from terrorism and all hazards.


Program preview:

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