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We appreciate all of our customers, so we are bringing you good news!

We have items IN STOCK and ready to SHIP IMMEDIATELY! High Speed Gear® as a company has been striving to come up with solutions for our customers to have our gear in their hands as quickly as possible. We have opened up a second facility that has allowed us to build up some stock on certain products! We truly appreciate all of our loyal customers and your patience.

The TACO® LT functions like the traditional TACO® but weighs 25% less with our new injection-molded polymer brackets and improved laminate front and back! Our LT TACO’s are great, as we all know that ounces equal pain. Our OD Green TACO® LT is in stock and ready to ship NOW!

Our Single Pistol TACO® in Coyote Brown can hold almost any caliber of pistol magazines, as well as multitools, small flashlights, pocket knives and so much more! These pouches are great for MIL, LEO, everyday carry, and range enthusiasts.

Do you want a Single Pistol TACO® that will hold everything that our regular Pistol TACOs can, but 25% lighter? Check out our OD Green Single Pistol TACO LT!

Double up on those mags with our X2R® TACO®! Like the original TACO, these pouches can hold an array of magazines from AR, AK, SCAR’s and so much more!

TACO TACO TACO! That’s right, the original TACO® in OD Green is ready to be shipped as soon as you place your order!

High Speed Gear®


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