Knife Industry Elects New Vice President, Mark Schreiber, President of CRKT

Mark Schreiber, President of CRKT

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The American Knife & Tool Institute Elects Mark Schreiber as Vice President

Knife Industry Nonprofit Elects the President of CRKT as its Vice President

Cody, Wyoming (August 18, 2021) – At a recent meeting, the American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) unanimously elected Mark Schreiber, President CRKT (Columbia Knife & Tool), as Vice President. The nonprofit membership organization’s mission is to ensure that Americans will always be able to make, buy, sell, own, carry, and use knives and edged tools.

“I strongly support AKTI and its mission and goals,” said Mark Schreiber. “And I am proud to increase my participation by accepting the position of vice president. AKTI has successfully helped industry companies facing problems, including CRKT, initiated and supported legislation to remove restriction knife laws or clarify confusing ones, and provides the most reliable knife law information on our website.”

Mark Schreiber has served as President of CRKT since 2015, following responsibilities as Executive Vice President, Vice President of Operations, and IT & Systems Manager. Before that, he worked as Director of Professional Services for Fiserv.

The nonprofit’s position of vice president is a two-year term, including responsibilities to oversee the finance committee. The expectation of the vice president is that they will be the association’s next president. Mark Schreiber has already served several years on AKTI’s legislative committee, industry issues committee, and co-chairing the annual fundraiser “Free to Carry.”

CRKT, a member of the organization since 1998, accepted an invitation in 2009 to serve as a Board of Regent.

The American Knife & Tool Institute is governed by a nine-member Board of Regents that includes a broad cross-section of the knife industry. Member companies include American Outdoor Brands, Benchmade Knife Company, Boker, Buck Knives, CRKT, Gerber, Ontario Knife Company, SOG Knives & Tools, and W.R. Case & Sons. Regular input to the Board from Advisory members also adds to the organization’s knowledge, credibility, and professionalism to represent the knife community’s broad spectrum of issues. All member companies pay their own expenses to attend meetings and support the organization with staff help and other contributions.

About AKTI

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is the effective non-profit advocacy organization for the knife industry and all knife owners. Its mission is to ensure that Americans will always be able to make, buy, sell, own, carry and use knives and edged tools. Formed in 1998, AKTI is dedicated to educating, promoting, and providing relevant and accurate information about knives and edged tools as important tools in daily American life.  AKTI is recognized worldwide as the most respected, credible, and accurate source of knife law information and legislative input, encouraging reasonable and responsible knife laws and regulations and consistent enforcement. For more information, visit

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