Nighthawk Custom’s Interchangeable Optic System

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The most versatile optic solution you will find, Nighthawk Custom’s Interchangeable Optic System is the best optic system on the market. The IOS utilizes removeable plates that allow the shooter to switch from standard iron sights to a red dot in less than 30 seconds, while holding zero. Users can switch plates by, first, untightening a screw on top of their iron sights plate, releasing the retaining pin. The retaining pin can then be pushed out of the side of the plate, allowing the plate to easily slide off the back of the firearm. Then, slide on the plate with your red dot optic, insert the retaining pin and tighten the screw. Just like that, you’ve switched from iron sights to a red dot. And the best part is, with our dovetail cut- each plate will always retain zero. There is never a need to re-sight in a pistol after changing plates. The optic system is also cut low in the slide so that you run regular height front sights, instead of tall suppressor sights like most systems on the market.

If you have an existing Nighthawk Custom or any other brand 1911, then you can send in your pistol to have the Interchangeable Optic System retrofitted to it. If you are interested, then please email To locate a new IOS equipped Nighthawk Custom or get more info on the system, please contact your local Nighthawk Custom dealer, or give one of our account managers a call.

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