U.S. LawShield® Sponsors Defending Freedom Action Summit


Supports Second Amendment Activism

Houston, Texas – September 20, 2021 – U.S. LawShield®, industry leader and America’s largest provider of Legal Defense for Self Defense® coverage, proudly announces sponsorship of the 2021 Defending Freedom Action Summit (DFAS) to be held September 25-26 in Richmond, VA. Presented by the Second Amendment Institute, DFAS is a two-day conference featuring noted speakers and grassroots activists who inform attendees about various threats to freedom in America.

“We anticipate a lot of excitement and energy at the summit this year and recognize the theme of preserving our Second Amendment rights is a priority for many folks,” said U.S. LawShield CEO P.J. Hermosa. “Standing up and speaking out for the liberty we enjoy in America is inherent to our mission of Preserving Freedom for Good™, and we look forward to meeting our fellow patriots as they seek to learn and strengthen the principles of our founding fathers,” he said.

The event showcases speakers, exhibitors, and educational sessions. Participants will find U.S. LawShield representatives in the exhibitor hall, answering questions and sharing details about their Legal Defense for Self Defense Program. Liberte Austin

On Saturday, influencer Liberte Austin will energize the summit with hopeful, patriotic messages. On Sunday, U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney Wilkes Ellsworth will speak about the right to keep and bear arms.

“Our U.S. LawShield representatives are eager to gather with patriots from around the country who recognize and value liberty the way we do,” Hermosa said.

About the Defending Freedom Action Summit

DFAS is the premier and most influential two-day, jam-packed grassroots activism conference with leaders of the freedom movement. Topics during the conference include defending the Second Amendment, making America first again, the fight for free speech, the importance of law and order, the real cost of backing the blue, honoring our veterans, securing the U.S. border, and more.

About the Second Amendment Institute (SAI)

The organization’s mission is to educate, activate, and empower individuals to mobilize for the Second Amendment effectively. The Second Amendment Institute’s most important goal is to educate. In this way, SAI can combat attacks on all Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms and aid in the prevention of inappropriate gun control measures. Disseminating facts also exposes unjustified and incorrect rhetoric. By sharing the truth, SAI may also change the hearts and minds of gun control advocates.

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About U.S. LawShield

Since 2009, the mission of U.S. LawShield remains unchanged. We believe in Preserving Freedom for Good by educating our 700,000+ members and 6,000+ industry partners in self-defense law; empowering them to handle critical, life-threatening situations with confidence; protecting them from potential injustices in the legal system after acts of self-defense; and challenging the status quo regarding the affordability of legal defense. Our higher purpose is to create a united community of responsible individuals who believe in liberty and the inalienable right of self-defense.

For more information on U.S. LawShield and its Legal Defense for Self Defense Program, visit the website at www.uslawshield.com.  

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