Introducing our new NVG Counterweight System


You’ve got enough on your mind during night ops, dreading the next mornings “NVG-neck” shouldn’t be one of them! The NVG counterweight Pouch System is designed to work with the issued NVG helmet harness and helps to offset the weight of the night vision mounted on the helmet’s front. At the core of the counterweight system is the counterweight pouch. The counterweight pouch mounts directly to the back of the NVG helmet harness and will hold whatever the end user chooses for ballast. To add functionality, an elastic loop has been added to hold a glow stick.
The battery organizer card is a convenient way to fill the counterweight pouch with a functional ballast of up to 12 AA size batteries. With noise disciple in mind, the silent closure kit silences the hook on the counterweight pouch flap and allows it to be secured instead using shock cord. When paired with the battery organizer card, the silent closure kit allows the end user to silently conduct a battery change of their NVG with one hand. Finally, The strobe mohawk can be added to the Counterweight Pouch to mount a variety of infrared or visible light signaling devices. Pouch is available in Cadpat TW or Coyote Brown.

Our product designer discussing the NVG Counterweight Pouch System:

Check out the NVG Counterweight System here >


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