Partner with VNL and offer your customers LTE/4G Network in One Box (NiOB) based secure & reliable communication

Join hands with VNL and offer your customers secure, reliable and high-performance suite of communication solutions

Partner with VNL and offer your customers LTE/4G Network in One Box (NiOB) based secure & reliable communications

We are VNL, a communications infrastructure company from India, leading innovation in design, development and manufacture of LTE/4G Network in One Box (NiOB) based end-to-end Wireless Telecommunications Systems for Tactical Communication for mission-critical agencies & critical infrastructures, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solutions and Smart Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance. Our solutions are operational across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Our portfolio includes:

  • End-to-end GSM and LTE/4G based broadband network solutions for tactical communication
  • Smart Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance solution
  • Mobile Phone Detectors and Tactical signal intelligence.
  • Smart border protection and perimeter security system
  • Intelligent Jammers for Prisons & Strategic Locations

Now, we are seeking partnerships to expand our
Tactical Communications and Security solutions business division, worldwide.

A strong financial portfolio, deep experience and pertinent connects in the domain of homeland security, defence and telecom sector are the prerequisites to our partnership program.

If you are interested in associating as a partner for VNL, feel free to get in touch with us.

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