A NEW Polymer TACO has arrived!!

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High Speed Gear® and Comp-Tac® Holsters is dedicated to getting you the gear that you need, no matter what your uniform or style of TACO you prefer. Today, we would like to introduce you to the brand NEW Polymer Handcuff TACO® and our latest video on the Polymer TACO line!

Which Handcuff TACO® would you choose?

Polymer Handcuff TACO®


Have you ordered the NEW Polymer Handcuff TACO® yet? It functions similarly to the Kydex® Handcuff TACO® and our nylon counterparts. This handcuff pouch is ideal for both hinged and chained cuffs, including ASPs®! With our HSGI® Universal Clips they can be attached using MOLLE, PALS, or belt mount systems. The design was made to be our most lightweight option yet, water resistant, and will not bend, sag or deform with the weight of handcuffs.

Our Handcuff TACOs® are multifunctional and versatile. Check out more great options below!

The original Handcuff TACO® will hold almost any brand of handcuff and is available in both MOLLE or Adaptable Belt Mount (ABM).  This product comes in a covered version as well, for those who may need extra security you can check out the Handcuff TACO®-Covered.

Our Slick Handcuff TACO® is designed to retain handcuffs on a belt or bag using the unique properties of Kydex®  and is resistant to sweat and solvents.  This product is member tested AND recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).

The Duty Handcuff TACO®-Covered comes in both single or double capacity depending on what you need for your day to day patrol. Our Duty Handcuff TACOs®  function the same as the original, but feature sleeker fronts and a hidden bungee, which is woven internally allowing the user to set their own retention.

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