Sentry Solutions CDLP!



When it comes to gun care and maintenance, SENTRY Cleaning Solutions are key for keeping your weapons in the best shape possible. Typical cleaners use oils that collect dirt and contaminates, creating an endless cycle of cleaning. Since our dry lubricants don’t use oils, there’s nothing for contaminates to stick to. It not only keeps your firearm looking and working great, but will make it virtually self cleaning. Using the discharge gases to blow away dirt and debris, after thousands of rounds, your firearm will look and function like it was just cleaned. This means you can spend more time shooting and less time cleaning. Visit to learn more about how our Solutions are superior to anything else on the market and get 10% off orders of Sentry Solutions over $40!


SENTRY Products Group | 477 Viking Dr, Suite 130, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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