World Premier of our CT3 Level III Holster

The Comp-Tac® CT3™ is here!!!

The CT3™ Holster is a Level III holster designed with economy of motion, superior retention and an intuitive release mechanism for faster draws. This holster uses three levels of retention, hood, automatic ejection port lock and friction retention, to prevent unintentional removal of your handgun. The CT3™ activation lever releases the hood when pressed, and only releases the ejection port lock when held down during the draw. The user can access the activation lever while maintaining their master grip on the handgun. These features, combined with Comp-Tac’s® unique and masterful approach to holster body construction, give the CT3™ unparalleled fit, security, and draw speed.

Friction retention screws can be adjusted for secure holding around trigger guard and muzzle
Holster design provides for access to activation lever while maintaining master grip
Kydex® holster body expertly formed to restrict undesired movement of gun (no “holster rattle”)
Duty drop offset mount accommodates 1.5” to 2.25” duty belts
Designed for superior all-day-wear comfort

Three levels of retention: hood, automatic ejection port lock and friction retention
Dual-functioning activation lever releases hood and ejection port lock
Ejection port lock (EPL) automatically locks when weapon is holstered
Safety shroud assists in concealing the activation lever
Self-contained EPL control housing serves to protect ejection port lock
Hard-molded hood clears most weapon-mounted optics with audible, spring-driven motion

CT3™ Holster without light attachment

CT3™ Holster with light attachment

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Comp-Tac Victory Gear®


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