Introducing Our Newest Brand

Dominate Downrange

Alien Gear Holsters is proud to announce the newest member to the Tedder Industries family of brands; Warcat Tactical. Warcat is a new firearms accessory and tactical gear brand designed to help you take your training to the next level so you can Dominate Downrange.

Catch a Warcat holster now while you can and for the introductory launch price of
ONLY $17.76!


Warcat Claws Included

Our included Claw & Wedge Kit can be added to your holster to reduce printing by adjusting your holster tighter to the body on a horizontal and vertical axis. The claw keeps your grip turned towards you while the wedge adjusts the frame inward and stays comfortable up against your body.

Warcat Claws Don't Break

Warcat Loves Red Dot

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process allows us to create Warcat IWB holsters with an MRDS hood, rather than just a standard optic “cut out” for your red dot, to protect your optic and keep it from digging in.

Warcat Loves Red DotWarcat IWB Holster

Better, Stronger, Faster

Warcat holsters are made from a molded polymer 20% lighter, 40% tougher and 80% more heat resistant than other molded holsters.


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