SIG Coffee Table Book: Limited Quantities + More Gift Ideas


The Ultimate Coffee Table Book for SIG Fans

Available in Limited Quantities

Vickers Guide: SIG SAUER (Volume 1) is a visually stunning coffee table book detailing some of the most popular SIG SAUER firearms, authored by Larry Vickers, Ian McCollum and James Rupley. This book takes a deep dive into the history of SIG, showcasing never-before seen prototypes, historical masterpieces and modern developments with unique closeups and expert photography on every page.


A one-of-a-kind tour of some of history’s most interesting and rare SIG SAUER firearms, sourced from public and private collections across the globe.

VIDEO: The Making of Vickers Guide: SIG SAUER (Volume 1)

Author Larry Vickers walks though the process of gaining access to SIG’s vault, photographing the guns and working with co-authors Ian McCollum and James Rupley to put this masterpiece together for SIG SAUER fans.

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