2021 Holiday Shopping Suggestions



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again and we’d like to help you pick that perfect gift for your special someone. In making our recommendations we look for innovation, quality, value and exceptional customer support. Our suggestions are not limited to only new 2021 offerings. We made that decision understanding the impact that COVID has had on the manufacturing and development cycles.


  1. At the top of our list is the Blackbeard AR-15 Trigger-Auto Reset System by the MantisX folks. This has to be the safest and most rewarding AR-15 training system available anywhere. Blackbeard is available in three version: no laser, red laser and green laser. The no laser model sells for about $199, red laser sells for $219 and the green laser version $249. The entire family will enjoy Blackbeard!
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  1. Next on our list is Vortex Optics and their Venom 5-25X56 FFP optic. This optic has to be the best value high magnification rifle scope on the market. Its optical clarity and tracking is superb. The Venom 5-25×56 is available at a retail price of $499.99 from a number of online retailers. Vortex used a Christmas tree style reticle that will make range and wind holds a snap. The hunter in your life will love this optic from Vortex Optics.
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  1. Another excellent choice is Vortex Optics Prism Sight. Early this year, the company introduced the Spitfire HD GEN II 5x prism sight. This compact optic improves on red dot sights by providing outstanding clarity, 5X of magnification with a fully adjustable diopter. The benefit of the prism sight is that if reticle illumination fails, you’ll still be able to use the reticle. Two versions are available, 3X at a retail price of $399 and a 5X version at $449.
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  1. On our recommended list is SIG SAUERS ZULU6 10X30 Image Stabilized binoculars. If you are a boater or do a lot of glassing these are the binoculars you need. Clarity, clarity, clarity is the name of the game with these binos. You won’t have a problem locating the channel marker you need or spotting that rare bird. The Zulu6 is available in 10×30 or 16×42. Retail price varies from $699.99 for the 16×42 model to $599.99 for the 10X30. Just about all of the product ratings have been five stars.
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  1. Crimson Trace CTS-1400. This open red dot reflex sight is one of the best red dot offerings on the market. Operating controls are readily accessible, it’s built like a tank and its wide window will get you on target quickly. It is at home on a rifle or shotgun. Crimson Trace customer service is outstanding. Retail price will vary between $377 to $450.
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  1. Next on our list is Holosun’s exceptional open reflex sight. The HE407K is HOLOSUN’s compact sight for the now ubiquitous compact conceal carry pistols. HOLOSUN has an impressive record of bringing to market advanced technologies like solar powered reflex sights. The HE407K continues that tradition with an eye on the conceal carry market. Retail price is about $350.
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  1. Crimson Trace CTS-1100 3.5X Illuminated Battlesight. This prism sight was launched by Crimson Trace to challenge the Trijicon TA01. It achieves the goal of compactness, illuminated reticle and excellent optical clarity with an adjustable diopter. The Battlesight is built like a tank and ships ready to mount on your rail. Retail price is about $500 but check Amazon.
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  1. Streamlight’s STINGER 2020. The STINGER 2020 is an extension of Streamlight’s superb quality and value. Streamlight has done something that you’ll love, they’ve included a mode selection switch, so LO, MED, HIGH are now selectable by the flip of a switch. The STINGER 2020 is also rechargeable, and its unique body formfactor delivers superb ergonomics. The whopping 2000 lumens, on HIGH, leaves no dark spaces untouched.
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  1. OTIS TECH PROFESSIONAL PISTOL CLEANING KIT FOR GLOCKS. This is the most comprehensive GLOCK cleaning kit that we’ve seen. Offered by OTIS Technology, a world-renowned purveyor of military cleaning kits. The GLOCK lover on your shopping list will thank you. The kit contains all the tools to clean, maintain and service 9mm, .40 cal and .45 cal Glock pistols. Retail price on this kit, if you can find one, is about $90.
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  1. Streamlight’s TLR-10. Streamlight has been moving away from the large paddle activated weapon mounted lights. They’ve introduced a number of compact lights like the TLR-7, TLR-8, TLR-7A, TLR-8A etc. these lights allowed Streamlight to focus on the compact frame pistols. In June of 2021, Streamlight began shipping the TLR10 to meet the need for an ergonomic weapon mounted light for the large frame pistol. The TLR-10 is a one thousand lumen high performance laser-light accessory for the large frame pistol. Retail price runs from $199 to $250
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  1. Liemke Keiler 35 PRO (2020) Thermal Imaging Monocular. If you are a well-heeled gift giver, your recipient will adore you. Liemke, a German supplier is one of a few EU thermal imaging suppliers; they’re part of the BLASER Group. Retail price is $2900 – $3000.
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  1. SIG SAUER KILO5K BDX. Sig Sauer’s Electro-Optic Division has been turning out some exceptional optics, at the top of that list is the company’s patented BDX (Ballistic Data Exchange). Using Low Energy Bluetooth, the KILO5K BDX can exchange ballistic data with a Sierra BDX enabled magnified optic. The KILO5K is capable of accurate ranging to 5,000 yards and supports several modes two of which are used for precise ballistic calculations. Retail price $599.99
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We wish you all a spectacular Holiday Season

Enjoy Your Shopping

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