Zeiss LRP S5, a New Elite Precision Optic. 40+ Mils Elevation.

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Kahles, Tangent, ZCO, meet your new competitor:

Zeiss LRP S5

It takes a lot to impress us…the LRP S5 did.

Zeiss LRP S5 3-18x Preorder

Zeiss LRP S5 5-25x Preorder

Preorders start at $3299.99
99% Off Audere Mounts/Rings
Complimentary Throw Lever, Scope Level, Caps & ARD
Delivery by end of 2021

What stood out to us?

After weeks of comparison to other top tier optics, here’s some thoughts:

Insane elevation travel.  Over 140MOA!
Excellent glass, giving up nothing to any optic

Glass is subjective.  Maybe you like the brightness of a Tangent or Schmidt, the contrast and saturation of a ZCO, etc.  The Zeiss has fantastic resolution and vibrant colors.  See pics below.

Perfectly tactile turrets, satisfying resistance with “More Tactile Clicks” every MIL.  Very easy to dial even without looking.
Bar none, the best illumination we’ve seen.  Blindingly bright if desired with very little bleed, and infinitely adjustable.  Pic below.
Big and beefy.  This is not a lightweight, hunting oriented optic.  It’s unapologetically large with every feature a pleasure to grasp and turn.

Anyone can say something is nice, let’s get to pics

2000 yard view at 25x, under spotty sun.  Notice the lack of an odd color mixing at the edge of trees and horizon.  This would be called “chromatic aberration” and you will find this to be noticeable on some optics well over $3000, however the Zeiss LRP S5 does a great job with hard color borders, and color reproduction.

650 yard view vs bovine.  Notice how the illuminated reticle is bright under spotty sun, the parallax is forgiving and the cattle trough several hundred yards in front is still crisp, and how the blue frame of the black trough stands out.

400 yards, bright sun, looking into a dark building.  Note once again the accurate color reproduction vs those outside the field-of-view, lack of chromatic aberration, and forgiving focus via objects in front and behind of the tin roof.

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