Introducing Shoot United™

Attracting newcomers to enjoy the shooting sports.

“Shoot United” Launches to Introduce New People to the Shooting Sports
Target shooting is one of the most popular and fastest-growing high school sports in the United States. This is not something a person hears every day, nor is the fact that more than 60 million adults participate in the shooting sports each year, making it one of the most popular recreation activities in the country. Yet there are still millions of individuals (young and old) who have never joined family and friends to participate in the variety of challenging shooting sports.
The shooting sports are one of the fastest-growing recreational activities in the country, and for good reasons.
We are introducing Shoot United™ — a dynamic initiative designed to promote all that’s wholesome and healthful about the shooting sports. It’s time spent outdoors with family and friends. It’s competition. It’s one of the most fun and safe recreational activities in the country as well as the fastest-growing sport at the high school level.
Throughout 2022 and 2023, engaging content will be shared nationwide through mainstream media. Shoot United will also release content through its own digital and social platforms. The content is meant to entertain, inform and foster a healthy and transparent dialogue. In addition, grassroots events will be coordinated throughout the United States for people to join, with the mission to drive awareness and introduce new participants to the sport.
To make the shooting sports a part of your life, please join us at


Shoot United™ promotes all that’s wholesome and healthful about the shooting sports.

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