Winchester® Introduces New High Performance Bismuth Waterfowl Ammunition

EAST ALTON, IL (January 19, 2022) – Winchester continues to evolve in the arena of ammunition for waterfowl hunters with its new Bismuth shotshell. Winchester Bismuth shatters performance expectations with a premium, uniform shot, which is tin-plated to produce the smoothest, roundest bismuth shot in the industry. To ensure the shot stays uniform and round, Winchester adds a buffering compound that fills voids within the shotshell and cushions the shot upon ignition.  

At 40 yards, Winchester Bismuth puts an impressive 90% of the pattern on the target while the two closest competitors demonstrate 66% and 54%. Hunters can also use any choke with Winchester Bismuth for optimum pattern performance. Another important component of Winchester an steel through a variety of chokes.  

The 3-inch 12-gauge items will be loaded with 1 3/8 ounces of No. 4 shot for ducks and No. 1 shot for decoying geese with a muzzle velocity of 1,450 fps. Bismuth 20-gauge is available in a 3-inch with 1 1/8 ounces of No. 4 shot, traveling at 1,300 fps. Winchester Bismuth will be available in 2022 in 25-cartridge boxes at a price meant for dropping birds, not breaking the bank.

Winchester Bismuth Waterfowl Ammunition Features: 
• Premium Bismuth Shot; tin plated, smoothest and roundest in the industry
• Buffered payload puts more pellets on target for 60-yard performance
• Water Resistant- Lacquered primer and double seal wad keep out water

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