Winchester® Power-Point® Ammunition Introduced in 6.8 Western®

Winchester Ammunition introduces its long-standing, tried-and-true Power-Point® bullet in the innovative 6.8 Western cartridge.

Winchester® Power-Point® Ammunition Introduced in 6.8 Western® 

EAST ALTON, IL (January 19, 2022) – Winchester Ammunition introduces its long-standing, tried and true Power-Point® bullet in the innovative 6.8 Western® cartridge.
In 2022, Winchester adds a 170-grain Power-Point bullet to the 6.8 Western lineup of offerings. Winchester Power-Point is a brass cup and lead core bullet that has been around for decades, taking more game animals than any other bullet type in Winchester history.  The simple design results in a solid product at a tremendous value.  Whether you plan to just spend a day at the range, or are preparing for your next hunting adventure, Winchester Power-Point is always a great choice.
About 6.8 Western
Winchester launched the 6.8 Western cartridge in 2021, the ultimate big-game cartridge, offering long-heavy bullets, less recoil and more energy than many popular cartridges that have been available. The Winchester 6.8 Western utilizes the latest ballistic data including the concept of “heavy for caliber”, long, streamlined projectiles, producing better ballistic coefficients that will buck wind and deliver tight groups at longer-ranges. 
Winchester offers bullet choices from 162 to 175 grains, which pack a significant punch with magnum-like energy levels that actually exceed the energy of 300 Winchester Magnum at extended ranges.  The shorter 6.8 Western cartridge also allows rifles to be built on a short-action, reducing rifle weight for improved packability in the backcountry.
6.8 Western Ammunition Offerings:

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