One of my more interesting stops while at SHOT SHOW 2022 Industry Day was a visit with the great folks of MAXIM DEFENSE. This highly regarded firearms and accessories manufacturer from St.Cloud, Minnesota will be launching a full line of suppressors that should start shipping Q2 of 2022. MAXIM’s manufacturing expertise is visible throughout and includes integrally suppressed MKIV 22 LR, 30 cal., direct attach and quick attach detach. I didn’t have access to a sound meter but sound attenuation is excellent and as good as any of their competitors, the 7.62 version measures at around 130db and their 22 LR comes in at around 113db. I’ll have more for you in subsequent SHOT SHOW posts; by the way, all of their suppressors are user serviceable. You have to love that.

A couple of their 22 caliber versions


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