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RUBOX BALLISTIC SYSTEMS is a Polish company that produces Active Rubber Ballistic Blocks and Ballistic Granulate. The Active Rubber Blocks are easily transportable and can be readily assembled to construct a shoothouse or duplicate a tactical environment based on intelligence reports. Using the RUBOX products, operators can plan and practice tactical assaults without the need to build plywood structures.or sandbags.

The blocks are then filled with their ballistic granulate to create a bullet proof training environment. The granulate is a specially developed mineral mixture which insures the total lose of bullet kinetic energy. The temperature caused by the stopping of the bullets is also absorbed. Finally it is possible to separate bullet waste from the rest of the granulate. The granulate is also humidity and temperature resistant.

The RUBOX System facilitates the customization of training for military and law enforce where access to training facilities, especially in metropolitan areas, may be difficult to obtain.

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