SHOT SHOW 2022 Industry Day – Walther Arms


No Industry Day would be complete without visiting the Walther Arms folks. Walther has built a storied global reputation for producing extreme quality firearms of exceptional ergonomics and trigger. The Walther trigger is the trigger everyone wishes they could emulate. I’ve been looking forward to shooting the company’s latest offering, the PDP, since it was introduced in 2021. I’ll take the liberty to say that Walther timed it as they planned to retire the PPQ line. I often found myself wondering why anyone would replace the PPQ line of exceptional pistols, and the only logical reason I could come up with is that the new PDP replacement is even better. I answered that question at this year’s Industry Day when I got a chance to shoot this magnificent pistol. Everything was as good as the PPQ with many improvements: grip angle, grip texture, trigger, backstraps, slide cutout for red dot sights and very manly slide serrations. If you’re not familiar with the PDP, shoot one; you don’t need to be a SOF operator simply hold one and experience synergy. The PDP is available in several colors and full-size or compact versions



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