SHOT SHOW 2022 Industry Day – Huskemaw Optics


One of the enjoyable aspects of Industry Day is the discovery of new products and technologies directly related to the shooting sports; such was the case when I ran across Huskemaw Optics. I still can’t pronounce their name but I was very impressed with their optics and some of its interesting features. I spoke with their sales executive who gave me a great overview.

I’ll start by mentioning that the company uses German glass in all of their tactical models but what really peaked my interest was the company’s patented RFBC Turret. Huskemaw Optics develops a ballistic profile for your ammunition / rifle combination for a given set of environmental data to arrive at a precisely calculated ballistic coefficient. The end result is a precisely calibrated turret.


The turret is marked with b.c. specifics as well as muzzle velocity. The lower large of numbers is range to the target, and the smaller upper numbers are wind hold, which apparently tracks to the horizontal reticle stadia. It’s clearly a different and novel approach to customizing the optic for your rifle and ammunition combination.

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