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Mantis has a singular mission and that is to improve your shooting, they do so with some pretty impressive technology. Their pedagogy incorporates weapon mounted sensors with an increasing number of computer aided scenarios that present the shooter with a variety a challenges. It then collects the results, performs analytics and suggests how to improve your results. As anyone who’s been on a platform knows, repetition is the mother of learning and Mantis allows you to train in a completely safe environment without the use of live ammunition. Over the years, the company has developed a number of products.

   Semi-Automatic Handgun With Mantis X Training System Attached to the Accessory Rail With Mantis App Showing Shot Score and Trace view. *handgun and phone NOT included

Mantis X2, X3, X10 Elite shown above.


Mantis Laser Academy Training System


Mantis Blackbeard

All of the products shown above have enjoyed stellar success, and well deserved as they enhance the training experience with ease of use, safety and convenience. At this year’s Shot Sow, all were on display including “REBAR.” REBAR is a high end training system parts of which are still under development so it may be late 2022 or Q1-Q2 2023 before it’s ready for prime time and I’ve been asked to limit my discussion to introductory comments.

REBAR requires a little bit of your own hardware: video projector, USB Hub, your favorite AR with Blackbeard installed, a smart device to run your app and an IR camera for your smart device if you are running the IR Blackbeard model. You’ll also want to involve your spouse as you’ll need a blank wall to project your images on; once she or he is onboard  you’re good to go.



Equipment room setup

Because the range to your target is relatively short, REBAR wants you to calibrate your Blackbeard so that your point of aim is equal to your point of impact, it’s a very simple procedure that requires three shots at a screen target. Once calibrated you’re ready to train.

Mantis has designed several training scenarios for REBAR and I’ll guarantee you that it is every bit as good as what our police officers use in the absence of live fire training

REBAR looks to be an exciting offering and based on what I’ve seen worthy of another product award for MANTIS!

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