SHOT SHOW 2022–XS Sights


If you work on the AR platform for personal enjoyment, or a livelihood, an essential piece of equipment is a quality armorers block. The armorers block secures the upper and lower receiver so that they’re level and secure as you work on the rifle.  For 2022 XS Sights introduced their Generation 2 for upper and lower receivers. The XS Armorers Block Gen 2 is compatible with DPMS patterned 308, DPMS GII, Armalite Rifle, and standard AR 15/10 pattern rifles, and is made in the USA from 6061 T6 aluminum, it also ships with the locking pins and fitment screw for the AR 15 lower.

XS Sights manufactures sights for just about every handgun made; they also make sights for shotguns, hunting rifles and tactical rifles. Addison modeled a shotgun for me along with a few pistols equipped with XS DXT2 BIG DOT and R3D sights. XS Sights are bright, and they are designed for combat shooting where picking up the front sight quickly is essential. They are ideal for law enforcement applications, and XS Sights also offers a factory installation service.



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