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Does the world really need another pistol cartridge? The Federal Ammunition folks think so and in a very gutsy move, launched the 30 Super Carry adding to an expanding Personal Defense line of high-performance ammunition. The new 30 Super Carry cartridge provides the power of the 9mm Luger with comparable felt recoil. The .312-inch diameter projectile carries the same energy as 9mm Luger at the muzzle, with better ballistics than the 380 Auto, and in addition, it can be chambered in smaller easier to conceal handguns once gun manufacturers start to offer guns designed and built specifically for this cartridge. The 30 Super Carry opens the door to a higher capacity smaller frame size than the 9mm but with similar muzzle blast, recoil, and terminal performance, 30 Super Carry offers a decided advantage.

Was Federal Ammunition presumptuous in thinking that firearm manufacturers would retool and introduce a 30 super carry pistol?

I was able to answer that question in a brief conversation with one of the engineers responsible for the 30 super carry project. Concurrent with the development process, Federal Ammunition socialized the concept with firearm manufacturers, and Smith&Wesson jumped onboard introducing 4 models of carry pistols chambered in the 30 Super Carry. Just how many manufacturers will follow suit remains to be seen but Federal’s 30 Super Carry may solve problems that are presently being addressed via magazine extensions or redesigned grips to add capacity.


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                                    SHIELD PLUS                                                         SHIELD PLUS EXTERNAL SAFETY


SHIELD™ EZ® 30 SUPER CARRY                                            SHIELD EZ® THUMB SAFETY 30 SUPER CARRY


If you’ve never seen the 30 super carry….



30 Super Carry / 9mm Parabellum

Screenshot 2022-02-11 220456

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