Silencer Central Awarded Ballistic’s Best Editors’ Select Award for Best Consumer Service



Silencer Central Awarded Ballistic’s Best Editors’ Select Award for Best Consumer Service

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – February 17, 2022 – Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, has been awarded the Ballistic’s Best Editors’ Select Award for Best Consumer Service. Ballistic’s Best is unique in the shooting sports industry, and these awards recognize excellence in the industry in a wide range of categories including handguns, shotguns, rifles, accessories, and service.

“Receiving the Editors’ Select Award is a genuine reflection on the efforts our team has put into our direct-to-consumer sales,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “How we interact and connect with our consumer can initiate an immediate and long-term relationship of trust and loyalty with that individual. This recognition reinforces our mission to bring quality, thorough service to those who purchase our products.”

Ballistic Magazine is a publication of Athlon Outdoors. Taking pride in delivering the best content to their audience across nine publications and four digital networks, Athlon Outdoors brings their news to over sixty-million total audience members.

Silencer Central delivers silencers directly to consumers in the 42 states where silencers are legal. The shipping process has revolutionized the way suppressors are sold and allows for consumers to streamline their purchasing experience by cutting out unnecessary hurdles to silencer ownership.

For more information visit them online at, or call 888-781-8778.

For more information regarding Ballistic’s Best Awards, please contact Maureen Pichner with Athlon Outdoors at

About Silencer Central:

Silencer Central started its illustrious journey in 2005 as South Dakota Silencer, an events-based business, created with the goal of reaching the underserved hunting and sport shooting market by simplifying the silencer ownership process. It became Dakota Silencer, and finally rebranded as Silencer Central after expanding its simplified process in August 2020 to all 42 states where silencers are lawful. Silencer Central makes it simple to purchase a silencer by managing the entire buying process for the consumer, providing a free NFA Gun Trust, offering interest-free payment options, and shipping directly to their front door, once approved.

Silencer Central, 4901 N 4th Ave 0444, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, USA

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