OTIS Technology requires no introduction, this Lyons Fall, NY company is the industry standard for weapon cleaning technologies widely used by the Department of Defense, and globally. A woman owned business, with interesting beginnings best told by the video below 

Next to the OTIS exhibit was DRD Tactical’s booth, originally Atlanta based, the company was acquired by OTIS on October of 2019. DRD Tactical manufactures some very special firearms and holds two patents, quick barrel change and internal recoil system which allows firing the weapon with the buttstock folded. Founded in 2010, DRD tactical embarked on a project for the Joint Special Operations Program to design a Clandestine Sniper Rifle dubbed PARATUS. The design resulted in a 7.62 platform that could fit in a briefcase.


For OTIS Technology, the acquisition of DRD Tactical  was a natural, the company is a dominant force in weapon cleaning systems and lubricants so using its existing manufacturing facilities to incorporate weapon systems made a great deal of sense. While at the DRD booth, I had the opportunity to get an education from Don Halpin, DRD’s lead gunsmith. Today DRD Tactical produces firearms in a variety of calibers to include pistol platforms. These are very high quality and exceptionally accurate platforms for military, law enforcement and commercial customers.




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