SHOT SHOW 2022–Brugger & Thomet


If you’re into pistol caliber submachineguns (SMG) there are two names you should etch in your mind they are Brugger & Thomet and Heckler & Koch. These two companies account for the lion’s share of SMG sales to the military and law enforcement. They also have consumer market semiautomatic variants that are top shelf offerings.

Brugger & Thomet, more specifically Brügger & Thomet AG, is a SWISS defense contractor founded in 1991. The company began operations producing suppressors, and  subsequently expanding to a wide array of tactical weapons. Today, they offer a complete SMG line along with civilian models like the TP9 chambered in 9mm, 10mm and 45 ACP.



Brugger & Thomet built its reputation on the design and manufacture of the most advanced suppressors on the market. Last year, the company decided to stop importing suppressors and announced it will be relocating its suppressor manufacturing operation to Tampa, FL. Going forward Brugger & Thomet will be made in the U.S.A.



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  1. BS says:

    It’s B&T since 2011. Thomet sold his shares long time ago.


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