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Once Upon a Time in America – “The Prohibition”

This hand engraved Nighthawk Custom 1911 is a 1 of 1 pistol that features the era of Prohibition in America, which lasted from 1920-1933, featuring both the good and bad on opposite sides.
The right side of the pistol shows “The Untouchable Prohibition Agents” Elliot Ness & Jimmy Malone, who took down Al Capone in 1930. The Agents from the treasury department are engraved on the slide and on the grip in more 999 Silver inlay. The Agent badges are inlayed in 24K Gold. The right front side of the pistol shows how the confiscated whiskey barrels were destroyed and dumped in the gutters. The distilling container & tools are also inlayed in 24K Gold. On the front strap of the frame, engravings show Al Capone in handcuffs after he was arrested.

The left side of the pistol is engraved with the legendary mafia bosses Al Capone & Lucky Luciano on the slide. The infamous bank robber and boot legger John Dillinger is engraved in 999 Silver on the grips. The front of the slide features the Speakeasy “Cotton Club” in New York City, with the lettering “COTTON CLUB” inlayed in 24K Gold. 

The wood display box is from a 300-year-old oak barn and the upholstery is in blue Alcantara leather. The accompanying two bottles of Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Whiskey were specifically selected for this piece, with one bottle being for the collector’s celebration and the other one to remain intact with this limited edition. Cutty Sark Scotch Whiskey became popular during the prohibition as it was smuggled in as an alternative when distilleries in America were destroyed. 

Engraved on the top of the slide, is the famous Cotton Club dancer Mildred Dixon. The front sight is a whiskey bottle with the engraving “Prohibition – 13 Years”. The bottle is inlayed with 999 Silver and a red seal.


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