RCBS® Long-Range Competitor Wins Spearpoint ELR Match



 RCBS® Long-Range Competitor Wins Spearpoint ELR Match

Pro Paul Phillips Takes 1st Place in ELR Light Class

OROVILLE, Calif. – April 11, 2022 – RCBS®, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, congratulates long-range competitor Paul Phillips for winning the ELR Light Class during the recent Spearpoint ELR Match held in Barnard, Kansas. Phillips, who prepped for the match using an RCBS Rock Chucker® Supreme Press and MatchMaster Powder Dispenser, led the field throughout the two-day match to secure his first win of the 2022 ELR season.

During this year’s competition, Phillips opted to compete in the Light Class, which requires shooters to use a rifle weighing under 26 pounds and chambered in .338 caliber or below. His personal rig for the match was chambered in 33XC and fired a 300 grain Berger bullet propelled by Vihtavouri Powder inside a Petersen cartridge using a Federal 215 M primer.

The Spearpoint ELR match featured many of the top long-distance shooters in the world, including the reigning King of 2 Mile team. After the match, it was noted that 76% of the shooters registered were in the Top 100 ranking in the world for King of 2 Miles.

“Whenever you load world championship level ammunition you need to make sure all of your tolerances are exact,” said Phillips. “RCBS equipment delivers this to me every time I’m at my reloading bench and hasn’t let me down once. I know that when I get to the line in a major competition I never have to worry about my ammunition, and I can instead concentrate on doing my job as the shooter.”

For more information on the latest RCBS presses and electronic loading dispensers including the recently introduced ChargeMaster Supreme and ChargeMaster Link, or to check out other RCBS products, be sure to visit RCBS.com.

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