RAFAEL’s High-Power Laser Air Defense System "Iron Beam" Successfully Completes Series of Live Tests


RAFAEL’s High-Power Laser Air Defense System “Iron Beam” Successfully Completes Series of Live Tests

April 14, 2022: RAFAEL, alongside the Ministry of Defense’s Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) have successfully completed a series of ground-breaking tests with a high-power laser interception system against steep-track threats. The demonstrator successfully intercepted UAVs, mortars, rockets, and anti-tank missiles in various scenarios.

RAFAEL’s Iron Beam provides Israel with a capability unlike one seen elsewhere in the world by successfully developing a high-power laser technology at an operational standard with operational interception capabilities.  The tests are the first phase of a multi-year program led by the DDR&D and defense industries. The program aims to develop a high-power ground and aerial laser system equipped to deal with long-range, high-intensity threats. The laser will complement the “Iron Dome” system and will be an effective and economically efficient addition to Israel’s multi-tiered air defense array. The system’s development plan is led by the Research and Development Division in the Ministry of Defense’s DDR&D.


CEO and President, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Maj. Gen. (Res.) Yoav Har Even: “RAFAEL is proud to have completed this initial series of tests with the world’s most innovative high-power laser.  The successful tests included the interception of a wide range of threats and have proven the system’s remarkable capabilities. Our cooperation with the DDR&D and the Ministry of Defense has led to this extraordinary development, constituting a significant milestone in the process to achieve operational capability. I am confident that this technological breakthrough will lead to future capabilities in directed energy, including the high-power laser system. This achievement is the result of RAFAEL employees’ tireless work contributing to Israel’s security while preserving and developing technological capabilities to ensure Israel’s qualitative advantage.”

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