Hatsan’s Customizable Competition PCP Rifle – Factor RC

Hatsan’s Customizable Competition PCP Rifle – Factor RC

Bentonville, AR (April 19th, 2022) – HatsanUSA® is proud to introduce a new competition PCP air rifle. The Hatsan Factor RC is an all-new platform designed with competition and customization in mind. Available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers, it can be fine-tuned and tailored to various competitions and shooting styles. Among its many features is the ability to accept commercially available pistol grips and buttstocks made for modern sporting rifles and a reversible cocking lever for ambidextrous operation.

You’ll find that the ergonomic pistol grip is covered in a soft, durable rubber and is textured to provide maximum grip and control. The 5-position telescoping buttstock also features an elevation adjustable cheek rest that can be moved in 5mm increments up to 40mm tall, or it can be removed for low-profile optics. Hatsan’s famous fully adjustable Quattro Trigger now includes a trigger pad that can be moved vertically and rotated left or right for maximum precision and comfort.

The Factor RC’s power output is also highly adjustable, featuring an externally adjustable pressure regulator with its own output pressure gauge. A power level knob controls the amount of air transferred into the barrel. On the opposite side, a hammer preload adjuster helps fine-tune power output and cocking effort and features a removable 580cc carbon fiber air tank. The Factor RC is also equipped with a Foster-style quick-disconnect fill inlet. In place of the normal fill nozzle, an extended QD is included. An integrated color-coded manometer allows the system pressure to be easily monitored at a glance.

The 23-inch-long precision rifled and choked barrel will ensure accuracy, while Hatsan’s QuietEnergy technology full-length barrel shroud will reduce noise output. A standard ½” UNF threaded muzzle piece is included to allow a larger sound moderator or air stripper to be added without modifications. To round out the Factor RC’s features, 2 high-capacity SwingLoad magazines (that can be linked together to facilitate faster mag changes) and a single shot tray for precision loading are included, a picatinny rail installed beneath the forearm, along with a combination optic system that will accept Picatinny, Weaver, and 11mm dovetail mounts.

Factor-RC Features: 

  • · Repeating, side lever action, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle
  • · Available in .177, .22, & .25 calibers
  • · Reversible cocking lever for ambidextrous operation
  • · 3-power adjustable transfer port
  • · Externally adjustable hammer preload
  • · QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel with integrated sound moderator
  • · 1/2” UNF threaded muzzle
  • · Precision rifled and choked barrel
  • · Detachable caliber-specific magazine
  • · 580cc detachable carbon fiber bottle – spare bottles available
  • · Built-in pressure gauge to monitor cylinder pressure
  • · Single shot tray for precision competition shooting
  • · 5-position telescoping stock with 9-position elevation adjustable cheek rest
  • · Ergonomic soft rubber pistol grip
  • · Aluminum receiver with integrated combination Picatinny / Weaver / 11mm Dovetail optics rail
  • · Removable Picatinny accessory rail for bipod
  • · Black metal trigger with vertical and angular trigger shoe adjustment
  • · Patented anti-knock system prevents discharge when the rifle is knocked or bounced
  • · Manual safety switch
  • · Foster style quick disconnect fill inlet
  • · Externally adjustable pressure regulator
  • · Additional pressure gauge to monitor regulator pressure

Factor RC Specs:

  • · Available Calibers: .177 / .22 / .25
  • · Max Velocity: 1010 FPS / 950 FPS / 870 FPS (Regulator set at 140 BAR)
  • · Max Energy: 19.5 FPE / 29.5 FPE / 33.5 FPE (Regulator set at 140 BAR)
  • · Magazine Capacity: 24 shot / 21 shot / 19 shot
  • · Air Storage Volume: 580 CC Carbon Fiber – Removable
  • · Fill Pressure: 250 BAR
  • · Shots @ Optimum Velocity: 140 / 130 / 120
  • · Barrel Length: 23”
  • · Overall Length: 40.3” – 42.9”
  • · Weight: 7.9 lbs.

Lead-Free Pellet Specs:

  • · .177 Caliber – 1100 FPS
  • · .22 Caliber – 1000 FPS
  • · .25 Caliber – 900 FPS

Lead Pellet Specs:

  • · .177 Caliber – 1010 FPS
  • · .22 Caliber – 950 FPS
  • · .25 Caliber – 870 FPS

HatsanUSA is the exclusive distributor of Hatsan airguns and Escort firearms in the U.S. Recognized for craftsmanship and precision performance, Hatsan products provide an exceptional shooting experience. The brands are purpose-driven and renowned for outstanding power, performance, reliability, and value. Hatsan takes pride in its vertically integrated manufacturing process, which enables it to maintain the highest levels of quality, workmanship, and a competitive advantage.

For more information, please visit www.hatsanusa.com

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