2022 SOFIC Featured Sponsors

2022 SOFIC

Featured Sponsors

AR Modular RF

Headquartered outside of Seattle, WA, AR Modular RF for over 50 years has been a technology leader in the design and manufacture of RF booster amplifiers for use with military tactical radios. Our booster amplifiers enhance military tactical radio performance by providing more power. The benefit? Greater range and strengthened communications. Being radio and waveform agnostic, our solutions provide universal, turnkey, plug-n-play support with just an RF link to any manufacturer’s host radio.

While AR Modular RF’s current line-up of Battle Tested booster amplifiers have met the needs of the past, new tactical radio technologies are placing greater demands on boosters. To keep pace, AR Modular RF’s R&D department has reimagined the booster amplifier. The result? A brand-new, developed from the ground up booster architecture that has been designed with a focus on T/R switching speed.

Please visit our website for more: https://www.arww-modularrf.com.

Beaver Fit

Looking to stay #damstrong during SOFIC? Join BeaverFit for PT during one of our daily group workouts, fitness challenges, or for a training session with our team whenever you need a quick pick me up at our Beyond Trailer mobile gym in SOFLanding. BeaverFit is the leader in human performance and tactical training capabilities for the U.S. military, creating deployable and expeditionary solutions designed and built to help warfighters prepare, train, and execute for mission success. From our popular deployable container gym solutions to our Special Operations Equipment line consisting of Training Towers, Training Complexes, Range + Breaching Lockers, and custom facility solutions, BeaverFit is veteran owned and operated, and focused on building the best equipment and training capabilities to support the Human Weapon System. RSVP to stay updated on our daily workouts at beaverfitusa.com/sofic, and to learn more about our BeaverFit solutions that can support your unit for mission success.


In mission-critical situations, issues with breathing are the last thing you want to worry about or take for granted. Special operations require stellar performance and reliability, which is why Dräger’s solutions provide a technologically advanced option when it comes to your safety.

You are invited to meet the Dräger Team in Booth #315 and experience the dive, portable gas detection, and respiratory protection solutions for special operations. The U.S. Navy and U.S. Special Forces have trusted our LAR V closed-circuit rebreather for over 40 years and for the first time, the next generation LAR 8000 is showcasing at SOFIC. The LAR 8000 combines closed-circuit and semi-closed circuit UBAs to offer dramatic improvements from our LAR V, including reduced breathing resistance, improved ergonomic design, and optional nitrox capabilities for excursions.

Since 1889, Dräger’s technology has been trusted in demanding environments all over the world. From the depths of the ocean, to the top of Mount Everest, Dräger’s products are designed to help protect and save lives.


Hughes engineers and manages smart networks to deliver information wherever your mission leads. With proven SATCOM and commercial expertise, Hughes builds complex multi-transport, multi-tiered networks using software-defined engineering and advanced technology. Count on Hughes to deliver reliable and resilient SATCOM systems, including connectivity for helicopters, manned and unmanned vehicles and more. Maintain secure and uninterrupted communications on the move on land, in the air, and at sea – Anytime, Anywhere, Anycomms. For more details on Hughes technologies and solutions for the defense sector, visit: www.hughes.com/defense.

Persistent Systems

The Wave Relay® MANET is the top-tier Next-Generation communication technology available that provides networked capabilities to the modern warfighter. Together with the Wave Relay® Ecosystem, a common network Marketplace for industry-leading technology platforms to communicate and exchange data in real-time, users have access to already compatible assets and unmanned systems ready for a unified, networked battlefield. Equip every user with the RDC, a common controller, for improved situational awareness and increase the warfighter’s decision-making abilities while supporting Next Generation-ISR and increase access to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning initiatives.

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