LUCID Optics to Attend Modern Day Marine Expo

May 6, 2022

LUCID Optics to Attend Modern Day Marine Expo

(Wyoming) – Lucid Optics, manufacturer of high quality firearms optics and accessories, is proud to announce their attendance at the 2022 Modern Day Marine Expo.
The 2022 Modern Day Marine Expo will be held in Washington, DC May 10-12, 2022. This event showcases leading military equipment, systems, services and technology to the community of service members and their families, Defense Industry personnel and representatives, and other special guests. Service level presentations on various industry topics will also be held for attendees. This event is not open to the public. To learn more about the 2022 Modern Day Marine Expo, please visit
“Lucid Optics is honored to be attending Modern Day Marine this year. We support our U.S Military and look forward to seeing how our products and technology can benefit our defense industry, ” says Jason Wilson of Lucid Optics.
Jason Wilson will be the contact for Lucid Optics at the Modern Day Marine Expo. To schedule a meeting, please call 307-840-2160.
About Lucid Optics:

Lucid Optics is a Wyoming based optics and firearms accessory manufacturer that strives to offer a balance between ultimate performance quality and cost affordable products. From our flag ship HD7 to our outstanding line of riflescopes, Lucid trains and listens to the experts in the field to design and develop some of the most trusted optics in the industry. Backed by over 30 years of experience, Lucid Optics is the leader in quality affordable optics solutions.
To learn more and see the full lineup of LUCID Optics products, visit

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