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Plan for Your Guns Before You Land On the Wrong Side of the Law

Houston, Texas–May 9, 2022–U.S. LawShield®, industry leader and America’s largest provider of Legal Defense for Self Defense® coverage, presents the National Travel Guide for Gun Owners and state-specific Travel Guides for Gun Owners. The guides feature practical information for people traveling through nearly every state in the U.S. 

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According to Kirk Evans, President of U.S. LawShield, “Don’t wait until after the fact to plan for your guns when preparing for your trip. Because there are so many details for people to understand before they leave home, we developed state-specific guides to help folks stay on the right side of the law.”

As responsible firearms owners, people have questions about taking their guns with them when traveling. “Unfortunately, not every state has a common-sense attitude when it comes to gun laws, and you want to make sure that a criminal conviction isn’t one of the souvenirs you bring home,” stated Evans. “Take the time to learn the laws before hitting the road because they are not the same everywhere.”

Check out the U.S. LawShield YouTube video “Get Packin’: Traveling with Guns,” presented by Independent Program Attorneys Richard Hayes and Emily Taylor. Discussion includes essential information needed to stay safe and responsible while traveling with firearms.

Travel Guide for Gun Owners topics include:

  • · Permits/licenses recognized by specific states
  • · State laws you should know, including vehicle carry, duty to notify law enforcement, and open and concealed carry laws
  • · Where you can legally carry your gun
  • · Federal laws you should know
  • · Carrying in National Parks
  • · Transfer of firearms
  • · Traveling from state to state and the Safe Passage provision
  • · Flying with a firearm, including TSA requirement warnings and how to pack ammunition
  • · Driving with a firearm

Know the Laws of Every State You Travel Through

“There is no standardization of gun laws within the 50 individual states, so even if a state recognizes your handgun license or permit, they may have additional restrictions on certain types of firearms, magazines, or ammunition,” said Evans. “In some states, it’s illegal for a non-resident to possess a firearm in the passenger compartment of their vehicle. And, because you are subject to a state’s laws when you are in that state, if you break their laws, you could be committing a crime—whether you think you intentionally broke the law or not,” he added.

State-Specific Travel

State-specific travel guides and the National Travel Guide for Gun Owners are accessible to everyone on the U.S. LawShield website to help folks prepare for upcoming travel at resources.uslawshield.com/travel-guide.

“Remember, not knowing the law is not a valid defense,” stated Evans. “Use our Travel Guide for Gun Owners for whatever state you’re traveling through, and learn which states honor your carry license or permit before you go.”

U.S. LawShield members can take the guesswork out of traveling with a firearm by contacting their Independent Program Attorney at the toll-free number on their membership card.

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