Let’s face it, jumping out of training towers and  high altitude moving aircraft is inherently dangerous so having a physics based virtual reality system that accurately replicates the jump is a huge plus, enter PARASIM. Every aspect of a jump is impacted by physics, the type of canopy, jumper interaction and environmentals all play a role during a jump, concepts that are essential knowledge imparted to the trainee by PARASIM. STI’s technology is well beyond computer based learning; by employing very sophisticated software, graphics and jumper interface they’re able to deliver a completely  accurate experience in a safe environment.

PARASIM is the flagship product of Systems Technology Inc (STI), an aerospace engineering company that has been advancing the state-of-the art of flying since 1957. We develop engineering solutions for complex moving machines and the humans that control them, from aircraft to automobiles. This skill set is what makes PARASIM the gold standard for parachute simulation.


In the picture above, the trainee is allowing his rate of fall to increase by not pulling on the toggles. If he were to pull down on both toggles the canopy’s rate of fall would decrease. Pulling on the right toggle turns the canopy right and pulling the left toggle turns the canopy left. Everything the trainee does is collected and assessed by the control station and corrections can be made without endangering the trainee.

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