Nomad Outdoor and Mossy Oak Announce the Release of “Following the Hart”

Nomad Outdoor and Mossy Oak Announce the Release of “Following the Hart”

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Charleston, SC (June 1, 2022) – Nomad Outdoor and Mossy Oak are proud to announce the release of “Following the Hart,” the final installment in the Chasing 49 Film series in Spring 2022. “Following the Hart” is the story, or better yet legend, of Nomad co-founder Jason Hart. For those of you that know Jason, odds are good you are somehow woven into his story. Jason’s love of the Wild Turkey, South Carolina’s low country, and people define who he is. Jason rarely meets a stranger and is a friend to so many. Jason’s love affair with the Wild Turkey has been a lifelong pursuit, culminating in his completion of the US Super Slam last spring. In a way fitting of Jason, he was inspired to pursue the US Super Slam by the passing of a dear friend in 2013. “Following the Hart” tells Jason’s story through the eyes of his friends, in a way fitting Jason.

The Chasing 49 team would like to extend a sincere thanks to all those that made time to help tell Jason’s story. 

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