RAFAEL Unveils the SPIKE NLOS 6th Generation Missile


Eurosatory 2022: RAFAEL Unveils the SPIKE NLOS 6th Generation Missile

New salvo controls, system handover, target acquisition, and extended ranges are some of the enhanced capabilities in this latest model of the world-renowned SPIKE precision missile family

June 9, 2022: Eurosatory 2022: Paris, France – Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. unveils the SPIKE NLOS 6th generation precision missile this month at Eurosatory 2022 in Paris, France.

Rafael’s SPIKE missile family of multi-purpose, electrooptical guided missiles provides pinpoint precision at extended ranges with the NLOS variant successfully engaging non-line of sight targets.  SPIKE NLOS, launched from air, land, or naval platforms, provides critical real-time tactical intelligence and damage assessments allowing it to adjust targets and abort missions midflight, and operate in both offensive and defense scenarios.

The SPIKE NLOS 6th generation, building on the exceptional operational success of the entire SPIKE missile family, includes several new, enhanced capabilities to account for modern battlefield needs and trends. Specifically, these advanced technologies more quickly close the sensor-to-shooter loop and more efficiently neutralize swarm attacks from standoff ranges, improving overall battlefield survivability as a result.


Next week, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will exhibit several of its integrated multi-layered air and missile defense, land warfare, and digital battlefield systems and solutions at the Eurosatory 2022 exposition in Paris, France.

Throughout the event, RAFAEL will present one of its newest technological concepts, the NLOS Mission Taskforce (NMT). The NMT is a comprehensive, end-to-end operational solution providing small, mobile combat units of 4X4 or armored vehicles with organic detection, attack, and fire control capabilities. By combining some of RAFAEL’s most advanced detection, tracking, and command and control systems, NMT enables force independence with very high mobility and lethality for wider control of the battlefield. Notably, NMT’s operational concept takes advantage of small unit mobility, highly capable weapons systems, and long-range capabilities to establish dominance across domains and both maritime and land borders.

Mobility is a central concept embedded within other RAFAEL systems on display during Eurosatory, including the I-DOME and SPYDER All-in-One. RAFAEL’s mobile air defense systems can provide protection for ground troops and mobile military assets, both significantly important elements of today’s battlefield. The I-DOME & SPYDER All-in-One systems offer constant defense keeping pace with maneuvering troops; current events have exemplified the significance of such capabilities.

ADDITIONAL SYSTEMS ON DISPLAY: https://www.rafael.co.il/eurosatory-2022/

                                                                    IRON DOME LAUNCH

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