Celebrate Dads and Grads with True’s Standard Issue Kit

Celebrate Dads and Grads with True’s Standard Issue Kit

Fort Worth, Texas (June 14, 2022) – True Knives deserves a double-take with their newest celebration knife kit. True Knives’ Standard Issue Kit is a culmination of necessary tools for those entering the world or those who are well established. It features the Wharncliffe Knife, slim multi-tool wallet, and nail clippers, ensuring a user is ready no matter the stage of life.

The Wharncliffe knife is a compact 3-inch 3Cr13 steel blade set in an aluminum handle. It features a pocket clip, built-in carabiner, thumb stud, and pistol slide lock. Piston slide locks make opening and closing a knife incredibly fast and ear with outstanding durability and consistency. True Knives made sure this blade is up to any task a Dad or Grad might encounter.

Included is a compact design nail clipper with a built-in nail file. On the end is a small loophole for easy attachment to a keyring.

An outstanding slim multi-tool wallet is the icing on the cake. This tool, constructed from fiberglass-filled nylon, holds more than just a man card. Cutouts in the body feature nine wrenches, a ¼-inch bit driver, a bottle opener (essential for every soon-to-be college kid), and inch/centimeter rulers. Measuring man cards inside and outside the imperial system is possible. The entire wallet is held together with an elastic band, securing important items.

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Let True Knives help clear the way by providing a stellar Standard Issue Kit for Dads and Grads.

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Knife Features:

  • · Wharncliffe Blade
  • · 3-inch blade length
  • · 3Cr13 steel blade material
  • · Aluminum handle
  • · Integrated thumb stud
  • · Piston slide lock
  • · Built-in carabiner
  • · Pocked clip

Nail Clipper Features:

  • · Compact Design
  • · Built-in nail file
  • · Keyring Ready
  • Waller Features:
  • · Fiberglass-filled nylon body
  • · 9 wrenches
  • · In/cm ruler
  • · Elastic band
  • · ¼-inch bit driver
  • · Bottle opener
  • · SKU/Item #: TRU-COM-0003
  • · MSRP: $49.99

About TRUE®:

TRUE was born out of the desire to do a lot with a little. Our mission is to create multi-functional tools that fit in your pocket, allowing you to tackle anything without having to quit, disrupt or postpone your daily activities. TRUE is not just a name; it’s what the brand is about. The TRUE mission is to create products that maximize preparedness while minimizing the space a product occupies by eliminating unnecessary bells and whistles. Our goal is to provide a wide range of portable, lightweight products that not only fit in your pocket (or bag or backpack) but also fit in your lifestyle, enabling you to do a lot with a little, no matter where you are. Visit us at: www.nebotools.com/b/TRUE/95

For more information, please visit WWW.TRUEUTILITY.COM

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