Does Height Over the Bore Matter?

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There are two questions in precision shooting that have been debated for years; leading many to retreat in the Himalayan Mountains seeking guidance from the likes of Yogi Grand Master Akshar.

1. Is wind more critical at the shooting position or downrange?

2. Does height over the bore affect accuracy?

The folks at MDT tackle the later, using the world’s tallest scope base, in this excellent video.

World’s Tallest Scope Base – Does Height Over Bore Matter?

DOES HEIGHT OVER BORE MATTER? The distance or “height” of your scope over the bore of your rifle is an important factor in calculating your D.O.P.E. (Data On Previous Engagements aka, how much you need to dial your scope turret for elevation at distance), but, as long as you know the measurement, does it really matter how high or low it is? Traditionally, it was accepted that a shooter would want the scope height over bore as low as possible, this made it easier to calculate your D.O.P.E. for the moderate distances you might see hunting. However, with modern-day tools like Kestrel, or even a simple downloadable phone app to help us non-mathematicians calculate this, we wanted to explore the topic a bit more, and in true MDT fashion, take this test to the extreme. Check out the video above for our result, see you out there!

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