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Blockchain 101

ETI Tech Thursdays

Give us an hour of your time and we will help you understand the technologies DoD has identified as being critical to future military operations!

NDIA knows how hard it is for national security professionals to keep up with all of the technical advances happening in universities and research labs. All of us have heard of hypersonics, quantum science, and blockchain, but very few of us understand the science behind these technologies or how they could impact our professional lives.

Join NDIA and our Emerging Technologies Institute (ETI) for our new summer webinar series, Tech Thursdays, where we offer entry-level overviews of the science behind, and defense implications of, critical emerging technologies. No prior familiarity with the topic is required, and all NDIA, WID, and NTSA members are invited to attend.

Blockchain 101 with Dr. Ian Taylor, CTO and Co-Founder, SIMBA Chain
Thursday, July 21, 2022 | 1:00 pm EDT

Web3, and its underlying blockchain technology, promises to revolutionize the way we secure and transition assets across society, with some projecting that it could be as revolutionary as the internet was in the 1990s. In this talk, Dr. Ian Taylor will provide a background on the notion of distributed ledger technologies, including blockchain, and explain how they work and why they are different from centralized approaches. The presentation will then provide example usages of blockchain, starting with a simple cryptocurrency example, but then illustrating how blockchain can be used to support the transition of state for any digital (or physical) asset without using a central coordinator. The presentation will discuss the blockchain features that enable this vision and describe which problems blockchain is a good fit for. The presentation will then discuss the potential impact of blockchain across different industrial sectors, and then give several use case examples from practical commercial blockchain uses today. Finally, Dr. Taylor will present current use cases implemented in the DoD that aim to enable more efficiency for part tracking across the DoD and with OEM manufacturers.


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