New Series Debut: Scope This Gun


BARNEVELD, Wis. – If you’ve ever wondered what gun professionals and people who hunt for a living are shooting, this weekly video series is for you. Scope This Gun is a fast-paced video series that helps you make decisions on firearm/optic pairings in a way that’s entertaining and educational.
Click here to watch Ep. 1 featuring Vortex Edge® training director, Jimmy Hamilton, breaking down his personal AR-15-style 22LR. Deadly accurate. Suppressor-ready. This Nordic Components conversion-build — topped with a Crossfire® Red Dot w/ Micro3x Magnifier — is Hamilton’s go-to rifle for hunting and plinking.
Hunting, action-shooting competition, self-defense, and more. Vortex® first-ever weekly YouTube® series shows you the gun/scope combos team members and brand ambassadors rely on and why. Each video runs two to five minutes. Viewers are encouraged to submit suggestions for future episodes in the comments section. Upcoming shows in the series include:

“Jerry Miculek’s Wheel Gun”
The world-record holder and accomplished competition shooter shares
his Smith & Wesson® 627 revolver topped with a Venom® Red Dot

Ryan Muckenhirn’s backcountry special:
a Kimber® Mountain Ascent .308 and Viper® HS 2.5-10×44

“The Space Ghat”
Vortex® Product Manager, Liam Ward, shows off his futuristic build
on a classic Ruger® MK IVTM platform topped with a UH-1® Gen II.

“Hogs Beware”
Drew Carroll of Seek One shares his fast-shooting
Daniel Defense® 5V4 6.5 Creedmoor® and Razor® Red Dot.

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About Vortex Optics: Your desire to be your best fuels our promise to provide nothing short of exceptional performance, unmatched service, and memorable experiences. The way we see it, your success is our success. Welcome to Vortex NationTM.

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