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Eggler Institute of Technology On Demand Courses

The Eggler Institute of Technology in partnership with NDIA’s Business Institute is excited to announce new on-demand courses. The Eggler Institute of Technology (EIT) is a global leader in providing technical workforce learning and professional development solutions. EIT offers specialist defense courses in capability design, systems engineering, MBSE, leadership, and military technology. Take your knowledge and skills to the next level by enrolling in one or more of these excellent on-demand courses that provide you with 24/7 access to the learning material.

The following courses are now available in an on-demand format and will open up on the first of each month:

*Please note that the Capability Systems Design Workshop and Model Based Systems Engineering course requires installation of a software tool. Students receive free access to this software for 30 days.

The Online Certificate in Military Vehicle Technology – 150-180 hours will take place in three blocks per year that will run for 15 weeks each. The second block will begin on September 1, 2022.

Learn more about each of these exciting courses on the website.


Registration for the Eggler Institute of Technology’s On-Demand Courses is open! EIT is recognized globally for its expertise in designing, developing, and delivering highly innovative, practice-based online and class-based education and professional development programs and courses. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of students worldwide have now benefited from EIT’s world best practice on demand training courses. EIT has delivered engineering courses to the U.S. Marine Corps, University of New South Wales, Australian Ministry of Defense, and the Indian Ministry of Defense.

Registration for courses beginning on September 1 is now taking place until August 26. Those who register for a course before August 26 will be given access to the course 24 hours before the scheduled start date of September 1.

Please visit the event website for course start dates, detailed descriptions, and more information.



Capability Systems Design Workshop

“Everyone moving into the realm of requirements development should take this course, especially requirements officers and systems engineers. The quality and breadth of user requirements will make or break an acquisition program; therefore, the practical knowledge and skills absorbed from this workshop will definitely help get users what they really need by getting a quality product across the fielding line.”

Fundamentals of Capability Systems Design

“This course provided me with an excellent insight into the capability systems design process. Its structure and delivery set a benchmark for other online courses. Well done EIT.”

Introduction to Military Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicles

“I think this course is a great starting point to approach military hybrid-electric vehicles. The explanations are very clear and useful! I really enjoyed it!”

Model Based Systems Engineering (Fundamentals) Course

“Overall, I really enjoyed the course. It allowed me to progress at my own pace. It also allowed me to have a hands-on approach to modelling. This was a more in-depth approach than the masters of SE I previously did. I would highly recommend the course to any practitioner needing an introduction to the processes, methodology and approach to MBSE, as well as practitioners who need a refresher course.”

Online Certificate in Military Vehicle Technology

“Having worked in a material acquisition for the past 18 years and as the System Engineer Manager for a Light Armored Vehicle Project at the edge of technologies for the last 8 years, I can guarantee you that this course has hit a home run for me. I was looking for an online course that would go over the different trade-offs that designers and decision-makers go through to achieve an optimal state-of-the-art product. The course provided great coverage of Mobility, Firepower and Protection trade-offs to the ones at the sub-system level. The entire course with support from EIT is a very well-oiled machine. Great course, thanks and definitely highly recommended.”

Online Military Vehicle Technology & Mobility (Advanced) course

“Overall this is an excellent class. I have been involved in related tracked platform design work for the last 25 years (plus some wheeled platform design previously). But this class provided me with a comprehensive integrated/organized knowledge base for learning. It is a wonderful experience and appreciated much!”




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