30 Super Carry

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30 Super Carry

Introducing the all-new 30 Super Carry cartridge from Federal Premium. This cartridge was designed specifically for concealed carry and higher magazine capacity. Carrying the same energy as 9mm at the muzzle, the 30 Super Carry offers 1.9x expansion and penetration depths within the FBI recommendations. You now get the same proven performance of a 9mm Luger with added capacity that can make all the difference in a real-world self-defense scenario.

Nighthawk Custom is proud to currently offer the 30 Super Carry in the GRP and President government models. The 30 Super Carry’s slimmer cartridge diameter allows for 20 percent more magazine capacity, compared to the same model in 9mm. This brings capacity up to 12+1 rounds in a single stack government frame 1911. As we know in any situation, EVERY. ROUND. MATTERS. 

If you want to know more about the 30 Super Carry, please watch the video below and check out the article below with more real-life information and outside party expertise about this all new cartridge.

Call or email to be directed to a Nighthawk Custom Preferred Dealer with one in stock. You wouldn’t imagine the performance and how impressive this cartridge is in one of our hand-built 1911s.
As of now, the 30 Super Carry is only available in GRP and President Government size Nighthawk Custom models.

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