New Episode! The Truth About Kabul with Tyler Vargas-Andrews

S1E8: The Truth About Kabul with Tyler Vargas-Andrews

Tyler Vargas-Andrews is a man with an iron will and a heart of gold on an incredible journey. Tyler was critically wounded in a suicide bombing at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport (Hamid Karzai International Airport) on August 26, 2021 where over 200 people and 13 fellow U.S. service members tragically lost their lives. A year later, he shares untold stories of that gruesome, yet beautiful day.

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Bridging gaps within our industry one conversation at a time. The Bridge is not a show about firearms, training, or the military as some might expect. It’s about people; connecting with others, sharing experiences, exchanging perspectives, and healing together through vulnerable conversations about difficult topics. We hope to help and heal others as we do so for ourselves by airing these conversations for all to hear. Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy the show.

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